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V   I   S   I   O   N

When not staring off lovingly at his wife Oni is creating visual and audio works

Serial #: N6ASD1274D22

Incept Date: 4, Sept. 19??

Func: Visual and Sound Artist
Stats: (H) 181cm

           (W) 68 kg


Oni Sakti creates visual works by hand with pen & ink pointillism, text work, acrylic inks, and paints, that are meant to be mistaken for digital works. Oni's obsession with becoming a machine that creates art has caused his main focus to be on his hyper-controlled technique, creating portraits, Horror and Sci-Fi, and art nouveau style works with pointillism or in his "grayscale" technique that mimics digital styles.


Oni Sakti has releases over 120 albums in the last 10 years, solo, collaborative, or with any one of his many bands. With an emphasis on abstract sound design, textures, vibrations, and tones most of Oni's work takes on a unique sound and style all it's own. In 2013 Oni scored a short film for Colliding Pictures and started up a partnership with the company and has since worked on several film projects. Along with his classical and ambient solo albums, Oni also records psychedelic trance and electropop music with guest vocalists under the name Ephedream, and has collaborative projects Surrealistic School One, Proxima T, 1 Other, The Innominate Orchestra, Where Fog Meets Skin, 1 Phantom, and Osirians.

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