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When not staring off lovingly at his wife Oni is creating visual and audio works

Serial #: N6ASD1274D22

Incept Date: 4, Sept. 19??

Func: Visual and Sound Artist
Stats: (H) 181cm

           (W) 68 kg


Oni Sakti creates visual works by hand with pen & ink pointillism, text work, acrylic inks, and paints, that are meant to be mistaken for digital works. Oni's obsession with the intersection of traditional techniques mixed with modern aesthetics can be seen in his "Grayscale" styled paintings, mixing Art Nouveau motifs with modern digital looking themes. Growing up with classic horror and sci-fi movies has heavily influenced several series of paintings, and is a constant reference point for some of his work.


Oni Sakti has releases over 100 albums in the last 10 years, from solo ambient and classical work, to psychedelic trance and electro-pop with his Ephedream project. With an interest in sound sculpting and sound manipulation Oni creates most of the electronic sounds he uses from organic objects and instruments. In 2013 Oni scored a short film for Colliding Pictures and started up a partnership with the company. in 2014 their second collaboration together was debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, since then Oni has scored several film projects ranging from orchestral, to electronic. Oni is always looking for guest vocalists for his project Ephedream, as well as collaborators and experimenters. 

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