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F I L M   W O R K

With an emphasis on abstract sound design, textures, vibrations, and tones most of Oni's film score work focuses more on tone, experimentation, and atmosphere than following the traditional formulaic approach. Using organic sound manipulation to create unique digital sounds, effected field recordings, and infrasound, Oni has created an original, experimental, and sometimes bizarre approach to scoring films.

The music for the first feature film "Electric Addiction" was created with only manipulated, effected, and processed human voices to mimic electronic sounds. The film score was created first, and the film was shot after, in true experimental form.

See the trailer for Electric Addiction, and the trailer for Mary, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 below

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The Sound Of Winter (short) - 2021

Electric Addiction - 2020

January (short) - 2019

The Dick-Tator (short) - 2019

Distortion (short) - 2018

Me, Myself & Ida (short) - 2017 

Details (short) - 2017

Across: Chapter 6: Reflection (short) - 2017

The Strike (short) - 2016 

A Cat Is Listening (short) - 2016

Across: Chapter 2: The City (short) - 2016

The Escape (short) - 2015

Iniquity (short) - 2014

Mary (short) - 2014

Superpower (short) - 2013

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