The score for the film Electric Addiction by Colliding Pictures, Directed by Alan Tracy.
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When I was first approached about this film I was told the plan to do "Reverse Film Making", meaning the score would come first, then the film would be created around the atmosphere of the music. The only information I had was that the concept would be around the idea of people, their addiction to various electronic devices, and the connections that can come from them.
With my mindset I liked the idea of keeping with that theme, and making electronic music from only human voice. In March of 2017 I had Hitomi K. come to my studio and recorded her, speaking, laughing, humming, making odd sounds and used that as the root. For the next month I spent hours editing down the sounds, stretching, condensing, clipping small sounds and syllables, then effecting, manipulating them, and becoming a mad scientist until I gathered a large sound library to create the music from.
Every sound that you hear, from drum sounds to synth sounds originated from the human voice.

Oni Sakti with Hitomi K - Electric Addiction (Digital Album)

    1. Electric Addiction
    2. Four Flowers
    3. City Rails
    4. Walking Tiger
    5. Sky
    6. Breathing
    7. Cold Intelligence
    8. Running With Hats
    9. The Big Table
    10. A Nice Change
    11. Clay
    12. Paper Walk
    13. Coalescence
    14. Ephedream - Future Lapse (Electric Addiction Mix)
    15. Sky (Alternate Long Version)