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Oni Sakti is an avant-garde film score composer currently based in Minneapolis. Fascinated by film scores from an early age the influences were present in his early dark ambient works and continued till working on his first score for the short film "Superpower". The next short film to be scored was "Mary", which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 cementing a partnership with Colliding Pictures, and director Alan Tracy.

The music of Oni is often a hybrid of orchestral and electronic, organic and processed. Regularly recording and manipulating found sounds to use in his music Oni takes an abstract approach, utilizing sound design and ultrasound techniques to compliment and accentuate the scene and mood of the film. 

In 2017 Oni Partnered up on an experimental approach to film making with Colliding Pictures: A full length film where the score was created first, and the story developed from there. Utilizing only processed, effected, and manipulated human voice Oni created 3 hours of electronic sounding music to use for the feature length film "Electric Addiction".

When collaborating with a director, Oni likes to focus on the moods of scenes as well as the overall story, and generally focuses on working with people who are in favor of darker or more creative storytelling.

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